Certificates of Free Sale
Repertoire Consulting can help you obtain Certificates of Free Sale for the products you want to export. We interface with the state and applicable embassy for you. We provide you with a simple list of information that we need. Once you provide it, we do the rest and keep you informed of the progress until you receive your documents.

EU Cosmetic Safety Assessment
The EU Cosmetics Directive requires that every new product must be assessed for safety to human health before being launched on the European market. The company or person placing a cosmetic product on the market for the first time is responsible for arranging a safety assessment. This must be carried out by a qualified individual. The result of the safety assessment must be available for inspection by the competent authorities in EU Member States.

The Cosmetics Directive requires safety assessments to take account of product ingredients, chemical structure and level of exposure. The safety assessment must pay particular attention to where the product will be applied (eyes, mouth, scalp etc) and which population group is expected to use it. Cosmetic products for children under three years old and products intended for use in external intimate hygiene must undergo specific safety assessments that take account of special needs.

Repertoire Consulting has an EU certified Safety Assessor who can carry out compliant safety assessments for all your cosmetic products.

Cosmetic Notifications for EU and Canada
Repertoire Consulting can submit cosmetic notifications of your cosmetic products to the competent authorities of each country to which you intend to export your product.