Global regulatory bodies continue to add requirements for cosmetic and personal care companies. Increasing data, documentation and submission requirements have put more demands on companies already struggling to keep up. Repertoire Consulting LLC can assist you with every step of the compliance process. We will keep you informed about national and international requirements, verify your product's compliance, and manage the process of document submission.

We understand that regulatory aspects are not your main business and offer you a service that will enable you to concentrate on the growth of your business while respecting global requirements. With the inevitable globalization of activities in the cosmetics industry, Repertoire Consulting is a competent and reliable partner who will ease the expansion of your business!

To learn more about Repertoire Consulting LLC and our cosmetic and personal care product consulting services, please contact us with any questions you might have. We look forward to hearing from you.

mission statement

Repertoire Consulting LLC is committed to bringing your cosmetic and personal care company the highest level of technical expertise needed to comply with FDA regulations and export documentation assistance.